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The Village Day 2021 Gallery is available in the menu under Village Life Blog.


Latest items added:

1. The Appeal on Parkside Application – look under Planning Blog

2. Application on the paddock behind Tweddle Close and next to Grange Close – look under Planning Blog

3. Update on the Campaign for 20 mph speed limits. Look under the Campaign menu.

Friends of Bunbury: Who are we?

This site has its origin in the Lower Bunbury Action Group and the struggle to protect the village from unnecessary and unwanted speculative development. From the start the organization has always been interested in the whole life of the village and the ways in which we can support and promote its  well-being. This website is hopefully one way that process can be encouraged. By providing a way to share ideas and information about the village in a more interactive way we can become more engaged and even possibly help to make better choices about the way we want the village to grow. The emails we circulated in the past were a start. Now we need a method of talking to one-another that enables everyone to join in. How? Two ways:

Would you like to comment on something you have read? You will find a comment box under each post. Fill in some basic information and the little code (so we know you are real and not a machine!) Comments remain open for 30 days after being published. If you need more help with this click here

Perhaps you have something to say? Make a  contribution  to the website as a one-off or a regular contributor. We would welcome your comments on all sorts of topics that link to the village.

The website is a companion to the village information website

Here, we seek constructive discussion about all aspects of the village. If you are a friend of the village then you are welcome. Of course being a friend does not mean we all share the same views as one another.  What we hope unites us is the common objective to find the best ways to promote the life of our village.