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Its been quite a struggle for Cheshire East (CE) to get their Local Plan up and running. It finally managed it April 2017. While ‘unadopted’ developers have an open door to get building applications through the planning process with little resistance. The Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan was went live in March 2016 but was deemed ‘out-of-date’ until CE had the Local plan signed off. But the process of developing the local Plan still continues.

The next important stage in this apparently endless cycle is the ‘Site Allocations and Development Policies Document’(SADPD) or in plain speech where CE intends to build more housing. Hence the title for this post. At present Bunbury has seen or will see the construction of 109 houses since 2010. Originally CE required Bunbury to find room for at least 80 new homes. That means we have certainly done our bit in providing new homes. We might argue over whether the houses built are what the village wants or are what the builders decide we will have. But we delivered.

What next? This is where the SADPD (!) document is helpful – possibly. Its out for consultation until the 30th of this month. So if you want to comment don’t hang about.

What does this proposal say?

A summary

  • No site allocations proposed
  • No Local (retail) centre boundary defined
  • Updated settlement boundary

It is proposed that Bunbury has fulfilled its allocation of Housing until 2030 when the cycle starts again. That does not mean no housing can be built but apart from ‘windfall’ (single developments on small plots or gardens) larger development will be refused. No additional space will be allowed for any retail development. So the current array of shops will remain the same. The settlement boundary is a minor adjustment to correct a small over sight in the original document establishing the boundary. That looks pretty positive. Essentially a stop on the proliferation of development on greenfield sites around Bunbury until 2030.

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  1. Hi Peter, I currently live on the corner of Bunbury lane and Oak Gardens (Rose Cottage) and was wondering if your comment ” Essentially a stop on the proliferation of development on greenfield sites around Bunbury until 2030″ will effect the proposed plan on the land at the rear of the property or is this classes as started already?

    Kind Regards

    Simon Lockett

    1. If your reference is to the field next to Oak Gardens, then I am afraid that planning consent is already given for 15 dwellings. It is included in the calculation of how many dwellings are or have been built in Bunbury since 2010. At present the developers are struggling to complete reserved matters – everything other than access. They are a new company with little or no experience and having difficulty meeting all the conditions. Unless they withdraw or run out of time (unlikely) the development will go ahead.

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