Tarporley says 20’s plenty

Have you been to Tarporley recently? I hadn’t been for a few weeks so it made a pleasant surprise to find a rash of 20 mph signs round the town. The High Street and many of the side roads and residential streets have speed limited to 20 mph.


Tarporley goes for 20 MPH


We have known for some time that Chester & Cheshire West has adopted the ’20‘s Plenty for us ';; policy. Many residential streets around Chester have the 20 mph signs up already.   Now it seems they are extending the scheme to other towns around their area. This is great news and helps to strengthen the pressure on Cheshire East to adopt this policy.

It was good to see that a number of the candidates in the recent election were also prepared to come out in support of the campaign. It was also raised as an issue at the last Parish Council meetingA member of the public asked if this policy would help the village rebalance the needs of pedestrians and cyclists relative to those in vehicles.



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