Resolution of Development next to Medical Centre

Update: The site shows very basic signs of starting. An access point and some fencing are in place.

It looks as if all parties have now agreed to a way forward on the site next to the Medical Centre. Application 16/5637N has been through a number of revisions that saw the total number of dwellings reduced from 12 to 7 and now back to 8. The doctors objected to some of the features of the development as presented in the last version but are now happy and have given the proposals their go-ahead.

The latest layout on the field next to the Bunbury medical Centre

The main revisions are

Firstly, the land directly in front of the Medical Centre, shown on the plan as the hashed area, will become the property of the Medical Centre, (or more accurately the Landlord of the Medical Centre). This is designed to provide space for any later expansion or changes to the Centre.

Secondly,  the access road has now been moved to provide the additional land requested by the Medical Centre discussed above.

Thirdly, they have now altered the mix of houses on the site:

2 Bungalows, 2 Dorma-bungalows, 4 three bedroom  houses. 


Now that the issues with the Medical Centre are resolved we can look forward to this site delivering a number of benefits to the village. The problem with manymarket orientated’ developments, e.g. the Grange development, the Hill Close site and it would appear the Oak Gardens field development, is that they wish to cram as many large (4 – 5 bed-roomed properties on the site as possible. Often these do not meet the needs of many people living in the village as recognized in the 2013 housing survey.

What the local needs are is well established. Some, want to downsize, perhaps to bungalows. With children off on their own life journey the older parents may wish to economize on space and expense and move into a home that is easier to manage.

At the other end, many of those same children may well want to find a home in Bunbury. For them the choice is limited to a few affordable homes or the executive style 4 bed-roomed property. Many affordable homes are not offered with shared equity and are rarely larger than two bedrooms. Now with the Medical Centre development they have the option to find a three bed-roomed home offered by the Rural Housing Trust on Shared Equity. For many this will be a very attractive step on the rung to full ownership. For staff at the medical Centre and teachers at the school who wish to work closer to their place of work this will also be very attractive.

Great!, at last a development we can (nearly all) agree adds something to the life of the village.

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  1. 4 3 bedroomed houses is a start but not enough. I would like to downsize but currently not enough AFFORDABLE houses in this village! Please stop the executive homes fad that seems to be going on.

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