Brantwood Applications: (20/0251N and 20/0250N

The Brantwood story continues with a couple of new applications (see above). This property has been a bit of a ‘rotten tooth’ stuck at the centre of the village. Their have been several attempts at getting this property upgraded to a standard that will make it saleable. Let us hope this version is successful.

Why two applications? Both contain much the same information but the second is in the form of an application for demolition of parts of the listed building. (Grade 2).

Successful applications were made (17/3559N & 17/3560) but the owners were unable to proceed at that time. It has now been decided to renovate the property for their own occupation. Many people would like to see a successful renovation and the occupation of Brantwood. But it is important that the village gains a good quality dwelling. So, what are the details?

Firstly, the demolish ion is of the wood store and outbuildings. These are recent (20thC) additions whose removal will not disturb anyone. In there place the plans envisage a separate garage and additional space amounting to 1.5 times the size of a single garage. A new Garden Room is added to the design that was given the go-ahead previously. The essential ‘historic’ part of the building is retained.

Front elevation:

The side elevation shows the first floor extension at the rear as well as the garden room:

Here are the floor plans:

finally the site ‘bird’s eye view’:

On balance the applications are a good solution. We have the removal of some shabby outbuildings, the retention of the historic core of the property and some new additions that will make the place livable. Purists might complain about modern additions to a listed property. The price of leaving well alone would be more years of steady decay and possible neglect until some use is found for the site or even the total demolition if it becomes unsafe. This seems to be a workable solution.

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