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Currently all PC meetings have returned to open public meetings in the Pavilion. During the first 10 minutes of each meeting members of the public may ask questions or raise issues of concern.

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Next meeting: Wednesday 9 February 2022 7:20pm in the Pavilion

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 12 January 2022

Open Forum

A resident raised a number of issues with the Parish Council, as follows:

  • Grange Close residents are prevented from raising objections to the Planning Application for 4 large homes on The Paddock due to a covenant placed upon their properties. This was felt to be unacceptable and the Parish Council was asked to establish if this is the case. The Parish Council agreed to raise this issue in their response to Cheshire East Council.
  • Concerns about the back land to the Cardamine Close development also being able to site an additional 4 houses creating a development of 19 houses in total and contrary to the Neighbourhood Plan.
  • Roads leading to new developments appear to be designated as private roads and questions were asked about rights of access. The Hill Close development has a 10mph roundel on the site – what were the permissions for this? The Parish Council did acknowledge that there is an issue of enforceability on private roads and agreed it was something to be considered in future planning applications.
  • The Parish Council was requested to write a response to the Cheshire East Speed Management consultation and its inadequacies as far as rural communities were concerned.

A resident from School Lane raised objections to the proposed planning application for a stable block and hard standing for 2 horses at Acton House, School Lane. The siting of the block and manure heap will be close to Hopwood House and would seriously affect amenity of the residents who live there.

A resident from Wyche Lane raised objections to the planning application for 4 large dwellings on land that runs alongside Grange Close on Wyche Lane saying it is contrary to Policy PG6 (open countryside) of the Cheshire East Local Plan and a number of policies contained in the Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan.

A resident thanked the Parish Council for organising the Christmas Eve Carol concert around the Christmas Tree. It was well attended.

Planning Matters

Planning Applications

21/6148N Acton House, School Lane CW6 9NR Small scale stable for accommodation of 2 horses.

The Parish Council questioned why the stable block has to be sited so near to neighbouring properties with the resulting impact on their amenity and agreed to object to the application.

21/6123N 7 Grange close, CW6 9QL erection of orangery – No Objection.

21/6037N The Paddock – Agricultural land off Grange Close– development of 4 houses.

The Vice-Chair of the Parish Council had read the application and objections and visited the site. The Parish Council agreed to object to the application on the grounds that the application is contrary to open countryside policies and a number of policies in the Neighbourhood Plan.

21/6482N 23 Church Row, Bunbury, CW6 9PL Demolition of existing outbuilding, new single extension and loft conversion with associated alterations. The Parish Council felt unable to comment on this application due to lack of information on the website.

Appeal to Planning Inspectorate – 21/2010N Land West of Parkside, Bunbury Lane, CW6 9QZ Outline planning application for demolition of one dwelling and erection of up to 15 dwellings, access off Bunbury Lane. The Parish Council received an extract from the Parish Council response to the Inspectorate asking that the Appeal is dismissed.

Decisions made by Cheshire East – for information

21/4237N 07/09/2021 South (CE) Delegated Agenda Decision: approved with conditions 17/12/2021 West View, School Lane, CW6 9NR Proposed construction of garage to rear of property to include electricity and water.

21/4158N 22/11/2021 South (CE) Delegated Agenda Decision: approved 13/12/2021 6, Bunbury Lane, CW6 9QZ ProposedDischarge of conditions 4, 5 and 9 of application 19/3767N – Reserved Matters Erection of 15 dwellings.

21/4158N 03/08/2021 South (CE) Delegated Agenda Decision: Approved with conditions 10/12/201 35 Hill close, Bunbury, CW6 9QJ, Proposal Conversion of existing garage to Gym and erection of single storey double garage with workshop.

21/5228D 12/10/2021 South (CE) Delegated Agenda. Decision: approved 09/12/2021 6, Bunbury Lane, CW6 9QZ Proposal Discharge of condition 5 of existing permission granted under appeal 16/0646N for the demolition of 1no.bungalow and the erection of 15 dwellings.

Cheshire East Consultations

Cheshire East Speed Management Strategy is still open for responses up to 31 January 2022.

Other consultations on the Cheshire East Council website, include:

Digital Strategy

All-Age Carers Strategy

Cheshire East Active Strategy

Highways Issues

It was reported that the Chair, Vice-Chair and Borough Councillor will be meeting Highway’s representatives to discuss the state of the roads and parking within the village.

Bonfire Event

The Parish Council heard that staging the event had been more expensive than anticipated but moved to defer the full financial report to the next meeting when it was hoped more members were in attendance.


The collection buckets from the carols around the Christmas tree raised £242 for the

Pavilion Project.

The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

The Parish Council are hoping that residents will organise parties to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee and asked that The Paper run an article to encourage organisation of events.

Future of the Pavilion

The Pavilion Group had met in January and began to explore all options available for the replacement of the Pavilion including looking at different positions across the playing fields site.

Parish Council Casual Vacancies

It was reported that there are currently three vacancies on the Parish Council and these would be advertised.

Finance Matters

A quote of £50 per month had been received for the maintenance of the Village website now that the free maintenance provided by a former Parish Councillor has ceased. The Parish Council agreed to the payment.

The Parish Council considered its income and expenditure for the current financial year, with a projected income of £33,610 and expenditure of £30,114. The current account stands at £9,794, savings account (Reserve) £9,033 and the Playground maintenance account at £26,445. A formal spreadsheet of all monies was being prepared for year end. The Parish Council voted for a 5% budget increase for 2022/23.

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