Mayfield House New Application 18/3389N

This application is a resubmission of application reference 17/5696N which proposed the development of two residential dwellings on the site. This application was withdrawn because the Case Officer was looking to refuse the application because of the impact on the ‘street scene’ and the trees in the garden of two new dwellings on the site. The new application is for one house.
If given the go-ahead, this large property will be joining a number of new developments along the A49 in the Bunbury Heath area. It is a very large property including 5 bedrooms with Library (study?) and Cinema/Games Room. Bunbury has a large number of such properties either building or planned for construction. To claim, as the Supporting Planning  Statement does that, ‘supporting strong, vibrant and healthy communities by providing the supply of housing required to meet the needs of present and future generations.; is rather stretching a point, given the Housing Needs Survey (2013) identified the need for 1 four or five bedroom house per year. Developers have never failed to build such properties each year in the village. Furthermore the supply of this type is also planned to seriously exceed that target in the next couple of years or so dependent on how fast they build the dwellings for which they already have permission.

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