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17/5696N Full Application. Located at the junction of Moss Lane and the A49

The scheme proposes two, five bedroom detached dwellings with gardens, separate double garages and landscaping on a 0.2 hectare plot. The properties are situated within the centre of the plot, set back from Whitchurch Road by approximately 11.2m and are 22m from Mayfield House.
There has been concern about ‘garden grabbing’ for building new dwellings in recent years and current national planning policy guidance is generally not supportive of parts of gardens being hived off in order to create new dwellings. Gardens are now designated as ‘greenfield sites’ to make it just a little less likely that they will get planning permission.


 UPDATE: This application has now been withdrawn. It is not clear why. One local resident is listed as objecting to the scale, style and location of the development. One point I had not appreciated was that this is not the only application for development in the garden of Mayfield house.
The Parish Council raised no objection to this development. It is clearly a ‘Backlands Development’ of the type identified in the Neighbourhood plan (NP). Such developments should be resisted. The statement in the NP is not an absolute ban but it is surprising that this application was allowed to pass without formal objection.


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