Location of Housing developments in Bunbury village

This map is correct up to 1/10/2017:

Here is the updated total of dwellings granted since 2015. I use that date as its one the Parish Council also frequently uses as it marks the point when the Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan was completed. Technically the start is the point when the (old) Cheshire East Local Plan began in March 2010. However, given that the Local Plan requires Bunbury to provide at least 80 dwellings in the period 2010-2030 you will not be surprised that we are well past that point wherever you start counting.

Cheshire East
Planning Number Location Number of Dwellings
15/0198N           School Lane             2
15/1666N           Bowes Gate Road     11
15/5521N           Whitchurch Road       2
15/5783N           Hill Close                15
16/2372N           Whitchurch Road       2
16/2506N           Sadlers Wells            4
16/5637N           Vicarage Lane           7
16/6044N           Wyche Lane            14 (started: Duchy Homes)
16/2010N           Oak Gardens           15 (granted at appeal)

16/0646N    off Bunbury Lane  15 (granted at appeal)

Total    87

For convenience I have split the location of development sites over a number of maps . If you click on each marker you will get some additional information that clearly identifies the individual site.

The first map shows development location of sites off Bunbury Lane:


[wpgmza id=”2″]


The second map shows sites off School Lane:


[wpgmza id=”3″]


The third map shows sites at Bunbury Heath:


[wpgmza id=”5″]

The fourth map show the area from Wyche Lane to Upper Bunbury


[wpgmza id=”6″]