How to use the Comment box and Information request

This website uses both pages and posts. The difference is that you can comment on each post but not on the content of a page. Pages are just fixed information not intended for discussion. If you find a fault please use the Contact Form on each page to notify the Administrator. You’ll find the Form on the right, toward the bottom of the page.

The Comment Box looks like this before you start.

Click in the Comment box and it opens up to look like this:

Write your comment. Fill in each box underneath. You can use your real name or any online identify you like. It helps if you use the same name each time you comment. Your email address is kept private and nobody but the Administrator will see it. It is used to send you notification of replies and new posts. It is not used for anything else. The code box is there for the security of the website. Automatic software can flood a website like ours with SPAM comments. To stop this, you are asked to fill in the code you can see just below and slightly to the right. You type QFLki in this example. Check the upper and lower case of the letters but ignore the colours and other graphics designed to confuse the enemy. If you make a mistake just click the little rotation button and try again.

To get notification of any replies to your comments, tick the box where it says Notify of new replies to this comment. The slot above the comment does the same but can also be used if you want to follow the conversation thread without having made a comment.

Any queries use the Contact Form and I’ll get back to you ASAP.