From outline to full details 17/6119N:

We have the first  details of what the Hill Close development will look like. The battle over access appears to be won and the clearance of  all the trees and bushes down this narrow lane will soon start.

The architect has provided 12 different plot designs for the 15 houses allocated to the site. This seems pretty generous. Many of the larger ‘market’ houses have similar internal layouts. Externally the designs do look as if regard has been made to the village design guidance.  The 3 social and affordable rentable properties, 2 slightly larger shared equity properties are much smaller but share the external detailing that will hopefully make the development visually acceptable.

We have until the 2 Feb. 2018 to comment on these plans.

Here is the Architect’s  impression of the street scene:


The Full Design Statement is here:




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