Hill close plan

Developer: CB Homes

Application: 15/5783N

Application Granted: 19th April 2017

This application had a ‘grampion clause’ condition, meaning the development could go ahead if all legal issues were resolved to the benefit of the developer.

Planning consent conditions:

17/4220N relates to a condition of the consent which the developer wishes to vary. Essentially switching the pedestrian access ‘zone’ to the south side of Hill Close.


This re-submission could be an outcome of a failure to establish ownership of land previously claimed by the developer. We need the information to judge whether the developer can in fact deliver the planning consent with a ‘grampion condition’.

Secondly, the reality of this plan is that the minimum acceptable width requirement of 4.8m is only met by making the pedestrian pavement accessible to vehicles. Is this acceptable? For pedestrians (2nd class users?) this is not an acceptable situation. Parents with prams and children will use this access route and be placed at risk by this solution. Cars cannot pass without mounting the pedestrian zone a situation facilitated by the 20mm kerb! Cars rule; pedestrians beware! And please show the indicative width of vehicles with wing mirrors as these do influence drivers reactions in tight spaces!