Goodbye to the buses?

Our local bus company

Following the consultation about the bus services around Cheshire East (CE) a limited rethink may be on the cards. Some suggestion of a ‘skeleton’ rural service for routes 56 and 83 that go through Bunbury may be retained. If the original plans by Cheshire East were to go ahead then all regular bus services through the village would end and Bunbury would no longer be within 1 hour by public transport (bus) to a large urban (city/town) area.

The CE cabinet meets tomorrow (7 Nov. 2017)

More to follow.


The CEC Cabinet met on 7 November to consider the CEC Officer’s report, which included the recommendation to keep the 56 and 83 routes that serve Bunbury. A decision was made to keep the services that serve Bunbury but without the connection to Chester. New contracts are being sought. Elsewhere in the Borough there have been cuts including rural areas. The high number of responses to the consultation from all Bunbury service users and others was noted by CEC

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  1. Following the recent Cheshire East Cabinet meeting they have modified the proposed cuts – the good news for Bunbury is that both local services are now recommended for retention, it was noted that Bunbury had one of the highest number of objections so well done to everyone that contributed. It should be noted that this recommendation is subject to suitable bids from the service providers. The decision on the Little Bus service has been delayed until the results of the impact on the main bus services.
    Mark Ireland-Jones, Parish Councillor

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