First signs of work in Oak Gardens Field

This morning (09/01/2019) we saw action in the field adjacent to Oak Gardens. As you see in the photo below a JCB type digger plus vehicle and water tank arrive on site about 9:00am.

On investigation I was able to find out that this is a ‘water infiltration testing’ team. They did not appear to know who the client was (Crabtree Homes) but were just there to carry out some basic drainage tests.
The testing will relate to the management of surface drainage over the site. Several test holes were excavated across the field to a depth below the soil horizon down to the clay and sand level. Into these ‘pits’ water was added from the tank. I assume was timed until it emptied or until the drainage rate from the pits could be calculated.
We know that drainage issues do exist in the field along the western boundary of the site. The land here can become saturated. So, poor drainage may be a problem. Indeed this was pointed out by residents when objecting to the original application.
The pits are deep (4-5ft) and would be a hazard to dogs and walkers. I will check that they are filled in (as I anticipate they will be) and if not inform the Parish Council promptly.

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  1. We need to ensure that appropriate measures are taken to prevent holes becoming hazardous. I presume drainage tests will take days so we need to be vigilant. Daily inspections needed. I am back from holiday tonight and I will keep an eye on the situation.

    Brian & Prue Blake

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