Councillor Jones resigns

Michael Jones the Ward Councillor since 2011 has announced his resignation. The resulting election will take place in 2018. He had already made an informal announcement at a recent Parish Council meeting. As a very safe Conservative party seat there will be considerable competition to get the party nomination. Councillor Jones currently stand as an Independent  having resigned from the Conservative Party.

Other political parties  will already preparing their campaigns with candidates either in place or soon to be announced. Irrespective of the politics I cannot help but feel that ‘safe seat’ are not a good feature of our democracy. Seats, at what ever level, should not be in the ‘gift’ of a party machine. It is troubling that both the big parties will not support the sort of reform that would make all elections a real contest.

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  1. For clarity, Mike Jones was the leader of CWAC, Michael Jones the former leader of CEC has resigned his seat, Michael has never styled himself Mike.

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