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The PC meeting for April is cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

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From our Parish Council correspondent:

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 10 June 2020

Tribute to Eric Lord – former Parish Councillor

Members of the Parish Council paid tribute to former Parish Councillor Eric Lord who had died recently. Eric had served on the Parish Council for 14 years and had particular responsibility for preservation of footpaths and trees and identifying potential flood sites in the village. He was instrumental in drawing up the Village Design Statement which was in place before the current Neighbourhood Plan and used by Cheshire East Council when considering planning applications. His local knowledge, hard work and tenacity to complete tasks made him an invaluable Parish Councillor who made a difference.

Parish Councillor Reports

The Acting Chairman reported that the Bunbury Community Scheme supporting residents during the Covid-19 lock down period was continuing to support residents. The Village Hall will now become the permanent Food Bank collection point with a box for donations being located outside the Hall. A second box would also be added for books, DVDs and jigsaws as part of a community swop scheme.

A second Parish Councillor reported that the Police had sent out an alert to residents of scams in relation to Covid-19 testing warning against making any payments and giving personal details over the phone.

A couple of footpath issues were raised. The possible obstruction of a resident’s fence to the footpath across the field leading to Wyche Road. A Parish Councillor had checked the footpath and found that although the fence had bowed somewhat with the elements the footpath was currently still passable. Any future deterioration of the fence might require intervention should it interfere with the footpath. A second footpath issue relates to Birds Lane and concerns an unmarked footpath on 12 acres of land up for sale alongside Woodworth Green farm. A stile exists but Footpath 13 linking up to Haughton has been lost over the years and a resident has asked that it should be re-instated before the land is sold. Attempts to contact the Cheshire East Footpaths Officer had been unsuccessful. The Parish Council agreed that the footpath should be re-instated and agreed to contact the Borough Councillor for assistance with the matter.

At the last meeting, the Parish Council heard that the consultation on the Local Plan, Site Allocations and Development Policies (SADPD) which includes recommended housing numbers for Bunbury will be delayed due to Covid-19. The latest update is that 2,700 responses had been received to the publication of the draft SADPD and that these would be collated and reported on by September 2020.

A Parish Councillor reported that they had received complaints about people parking cars across residents’ driveways in order to walk their dogs in Saddlers woods; an associated problem was dog poo in the woods. The wider issue of dog poo in the village was discussed and the Parish Council agreed to look at increasing the frequency of collecting bins and putting up posters.

Affordable housing in the village was raised again; one local resident has been on a housing waiting list for two years. Home Choice is the organisation which Cheshire East Council uses for allocating social housing and it was agreed that the resident could contact the Clerk to the Parish Council for advice on how to apply. The Clerk also agreed to send a briefing note to new Parish Councillors about Home Choice.

Planning Matters

Land Adjacent to Woodworth House, Birds Lane, Bunbury, 20/1930N, Proposed small agricultural shed. No objection.

2 Swan Lane, Bunbury, 20/1964N, proposed garage. The Parish Council noted a comment from a neighbour that the garage should be moved slightly to allow for better access and splays and that Highways had no objection to the application. Discussion took place around the height of the garage to incorporate a studio and the fact the application does not mention a studio nor describe its purpose. The Parish Council agreed to object to the application on the grounds that Section 4 of the application does not reflect it as a two-storey building with a studio above the garage and asked that the views of the neighbour on the siting of the garage be taken into consideration.

Variation of condition 8 to allow residential use on existing permission 13/0193N: Conversion of Redundant Stable Block into One Holiday Let Unit, Brook House, Birds Lane, Bunbury, 20/2197N. No objection.

Decisions made by Cheshire East

20/1399N 31/03/2020 South (CE) Delegated Agenda Bunbury (2011) Decision: approved with conditions Decision Date: 15/05/2020. Location: Heath Croft, Whitchurch Road, Bunbury. Proposed Single Storey enclosed porch extension, single storey rear extension and associated internal alterations.

Housing Strategy Consultation

The Parish Council heard that Cheshire East Council has revised and updated its Vulnerable and Older Persons’ Housing Strategy. The document sets out the strategic direction and priorities which will ensure that vulnerable and older residents are able to access safe and suitable accommodation across the borough. The draft strategy and an online survey are available on the Cheshire East Council website. The closing date for comments is 5pm on Monday 13 July 2020.

Cheshire East Licencing Consultation – for comment

The Orchard, Whitchurch Road, Bunbury – Application for a Premises Licence: Licensing Act 2003

Notice is hereby given that Love Delivery Limited have applied on 20 May 2020 to Cheshire East Council in respect of the premises known as The Orchard, Whitchurch Road, Bunbury for a premises licence to provide the following licensable activities:

  • Late Night Refreshment and Sale and Supply of Alcohol (consumption off the premises) for online sales only: Monday to Sunday 12:00 noon to 3:00 am hours.

The Parish Council heard that concerns had been raised by neighbours about disruption to the local community and residential area of a business operating until 3am and agreed to make representations that the hours of business are unacceptable.

Requests from Retailers

The Parish Council received an application from the Bunbury Co-operative store who wish to place a ‘pop up shop’ on the car park whilst the permanent shop is refurbished. The plan is to close the shop from Monday 10 August for 11 weeks. They requested to site the pop-up shop on the Jubilee Fields car park against the hedge backing onto the bowling green to the left of the gate.

The Parish Council supported the application but made a request that the Post Office be included in the temporary arrangements and that the Co-Op should contribute to the Playing Fields in the form of a ground rent. Barriers would be erected to prevent out of hours cars onto the site and local residents would be informed of the arrangements.

Representation had been received from Nantwich Plant stall about selling plants from the Jubilee Car Park on a weekly basis. Currently they deliver but are looking to the future after Covid-19 and are asking the Parish Council to approve in principle and they will make a detailed proposal on timings if approved. Similarly, if the Ocean Wave fish van is not able to use the Nags Head car park once it re-opens then could this be considered in principle too.

The Parish Council felt that if such stalls were to go ahead some fundamental rules would have to be established, such as timing, nominal rent etc. Local residents might have a view and it was agreed to put more thought into such a move and discuss again at a future meeting.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 13 May 2020

Borough Councillor Report

Issues raised by the Borough Councillor:

  • During the Covid-19 pandemic Cheshire East Council is focusing on support and recovery for the local economy and has been lobbying for local business and directing them to any grants and funding that is available. Vital public services such as bin collection has been maintained throughout the period. For the recovery period, safe work practices are being devised; first virtual Cabinet meeting has taken place and this will be extended to other Council meetings such as Planning so that business can continue. Support has also been provided to Care Homes, Care Leavers, Schools and Childcare Providers.
  • Borough Councillor reported that she is mayor elect for the borough and assured the Parish Council that she would be continuing with her ward council duties.
  • A Parish Councillor asked about the type of affordable housing (for sale, rent or combination of both) on the newly developed site at Hill Close, Bunbury Lane. The Borough Councillor agreed to investigate and report back at the next meeting.

Parish Councillor Reports

The Acting Chairman referred to the Bunbury Community Scheme supporting residents during the Covid-19 lock down period which would continue until lock down is eased. The Parish Council thanked the Chair for organising the scheme. The Playing Field remains open but the play equipment is closed.

A second Parish Councillor reported that she had been approached about the Muller milk tanker using the canal bridge to visit the local farm in contravention of the allowed weight limit. The Parish councillor agreed to contact the company to point this out.

Planning Matters

Stablecroft, School Lane, Bunbury, 20/1403N, To erect an oak framed implement store on a concrete raft under a slate roof. Comment had been raised on the website with regard to the location of the store. No objection was raised by the Parish Council but they supported the comments already raised.

Stoneleigh, Vicarage Lane, Bunbury, 20/1474N, Proposed single storey rear extension and internal alterations. Concerns were raised about the potential loss of car parking space if the extension proceeds. No objection in principle but asked that the car parking issue be reviewed as part of the application.

Land at Bowes Gate Road, Bunbury, 20/1329N, Amendment to the Section 106 Agreement relating to planning approval 15/1666N for 11 dwellings including affordable housing. The Parish Council heard that this application was related to a second application alongside the Medical Centre, whereby the Land Agent for both sites has requested that the affordable housing on the Bowes Gate site be moved to the Medical Centre site which has no allocation of affordable housing due to its size. There are no physical changes to both applications other than the request to move the affordable housing element. The Land Agent is trying to appoint one developer to manage both sites to ensure the affordable housing is delivered.

The Parish Council heard that there was some confusion over the amount of affordable housing contained within the 106 Agreement (8 houses) and the amount proposed by the revised proposal (4 houses). The Borough Councillor agreed to obtain further information from Cheshire East Officers on the position regarding the 4 shared ownership homes that had been in the original application, in addition to the remaining 4 affordable rented properties. Based on the information available at the meeting the Parish Council resolved to object to the homes being moved and the reduction, in number of the 8 homes in the original approved application.

Wyche House, Wyche Lane, Bunbury, 20/1551N, First floor rear/side extension replacement of single storey rear lean-to extension. No comment.

New garage outbuilding, Robins Croft, School Lane, Bunbury, 20/1462N. No comment.

The Old Coach House, Bowes Gate Road, Bunbury, 20/1698N. Conversion of redundant outbuilding to residential use and extension to existing dwelling linking the outbuilding and dwelling (all to become enlarged single dwelling house). No comment.

Decisions made by Cheshire East

19/5534N 29/11/2019 approved with conditions. Decision Date 17/04/2020. Land at Oak Gardens, Bunbury. Reserved Matters

19/5489D 27/11/2019 approved with conditions. Decision Date: 14/04/2020. Land off, Oak Gardens, Bunbury. Proposal Discharge of conditions 6, 7, 9, 12, 13 and 14 of existing permission 16/2010N: Residential development of 15 dwellings with associated works at land at Oak Gardens, Bunbury.

Neighbourhood Plan

The Parish Council heard that the consultation on the Local Plan, Site Allocations and Development Policies (SADPD) which includes recommended housing numbers for Bunbury will be delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The original number of additional houses contained in the Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan was 80; the SADPD identifies a recommendation of 105 with houses already built or proposed currently standing at 107. The Parish Council recommended that the figure of 105 should be considered as part of updating the Neighbourhood Plan in due course.

The Acting Chairman reported that there had been a meeting with Fisher Germain via Zoom at their request about a possible future housing application; no site identified. The Parish Council referred to the content of the Neighbourhood Plan and the SADPD.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 11th March 2020

Public session:

One resident spoke during the public session before the formal commencement of the PC meeting. He addressed two issues. Road Traffic speeds and what could be learnt from recent planning decisions that need to be considered during the review of the Bunbury Neighbourhood |Plan.

Traffic Speeds in Bunbury:

A recent survey of traffic speeds in Bunbury noted that average speeds on the three routes monitored, Bunbury Lane, Vicarage Lane and School Lane, all showed mean speeds under 30mph. Did the speed data meet the criteria set out by Cheshire East for the introduction of 20mph zones? Can we see the data? The Cheshire East policy is stated in the document ‘Speed management Strategy’ (2016). The criteria reflect the ‘car centric’ view that has dominated thinking for many years. But things are changing. In the Stockholm Declaration a British Government Minster signed up to a statement along with 129 Minters from other countries. The local authority needs to update its approach and place more emphasis on the protection and encouragement of ‘active’ transport – walking and cycling.

Secondly the speaker address two points that have emerged from recent planning decisions that should be addresses during the forthcoming review of the Neighbourhood plan (BNP). The Oak Gardens (the field adjacent to Oak Gardens is more accurate but not often used) appeal succeeded because the planning Inspector was able to exploit some degree of confusion over the definition of co-location and the ‘start date’ from when the policy should apply. Secondly in the new Duchy development off Bunbury Lane, The Planning Office rejected the objection to the mix of housing on the basis that the BNP contained no explicit policy on what a ‘suitable mix’ of housing means. It has to be spelt out. Likewise with the need for ‘buffer zones’ to protect wildlife corridors as in the case of Oak Gardens again. No policy no protection.

Agenda items:

1 – 3 standard admin items.

4. Borough councillor’s Report: Cllr. Sarah Pochin absent due to illness.

5. Parish councillor Reports:

(I) Cllr. Leila potter:

PC heard of plans to celebrate 700 years of the village Church. (Check for current status)

The retirement of Dr. Helen Black and the presentation of a memento to express the great appreciation for her work in Bunbury Medical Practice.

Spring Fayre on the 28 of this month (cancelled)

Commemoration of VE Day on 9th May (Please check current status)

(ii) Cllr. Ron Pulford:

The forthcoming review of the BNP was discussed and how that process was to managed.

(iii)Cllr. Nick Parker:

A number of points were raised by the Playing Fields representative. The removal of flying tipping items has been carried out. The two fridges have been disposed of appropriately at a cost of £40 to the PC. Discussions followed on how to deter future tipping in the car park using the large bins used by the pavilion users and the field linesman. They could be place in a ‘cage’ but this must be negotiated with the collection service as they would need a key or combination.

6. Planning:

(i) Deed of Variation of Land adjacent to Oak Gardens planning consent. This relates to the changes in the nature of the affordable homes under the 106 agreement with the developers, Crabtree Homes. The application now included 4 one-bedroomed apartments located in the NE corner of the site. These are all rented properties and the option for shared ownership has been lost as a result. This lack of appropriate mix may be contrary to the BNP. In addition the wording of the amendment was considered so open ended as to give the developer ‘carte Blanche’ to make changes to the plans without public consultation. The PC will object to the changes.

(ii) 20/0857N. Resubmission for an extension at the rear of a property. No objections.

(iii)20/0963N Extension at rear in Acreage – no objections.

6.2 Decisions made by Cheshire East:

20/0432N 30/01/2020 South (CE) Delegated Agenda Bunbury (2011)Decision : refused Decision Date : 20/02/2020Location : 4, QUEEN STREET, BUNBURY, CW6 9QYProposal Non-material amendment to application 16/5185N -Proposed rear extension and internal modifications19/5671N09/12/2019 South (CE) Delegated Agenda Bunbury (2011)Decision : approved with conditions Decision Date : 10/02/2020Location : 12, DARKIE MEADOW, BUNBURY, TARPORLEY, CHESHIRE, CW6 9RBProposal Proposed Single storey side extension to form extra living accommodation

6.4 New homes at Bowes Gate and medical practice – no progress on the issues related to these sites.

The council will send representative to a meeting requested by a new developer. |It was emphasised that the PC uses the BNP at these meetings and points to the current situation of housing supply target in the village and Local Plan.

7. Local Policing:

A meeting with the local police team for Bunbury was attended by 1 person despite widespread advertising of the event around the village. Another ‘open’ session in may is planning using the new Police van.

8. Highways and pedestrian issues:

(I) No profess on Cheshire East Sustainable modes of travel to schools Strategy. Concern was expressed at the slow rate of progress.

(ii) The PC is looking at ways in which satellite navigation companies can be informed that the lock bridge is unsafe for heavy goods vehicles and that their software systems may need to be update to avid such vehicles coming through the village.

(iii) Training will be offered on the village sprees camera

9. Footpaths & Rights of way:

Complaints were made about the state of Footpath 17 (near the Yew Tree off Bunbury lane). The muddy conditions were made worse by the vehicles used to access the sheep in the adjacent field. The CE Footpath Officer attended and met the owner of the sheep and requested the path be repaired. It was found to have been improved on a subsequent visit by the same officer. It may be that there is private access rights along part of the path.

11. Playing Fields:

Replacement of the Pavilion building was mentioned but not discussed at this meeting as further reports awaited.

See notes above in Cllr. Reports for details of Fly Tipping.

It was agreed that the Salvation Army clothing collection facility will have to be rejected due impossibility of finding a save location. It was also felt that adequate alternative recycling schemes existed.

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 12 February 2020

Two residents who live in the newly completed Grange Homes that sit alongside the playground area on the Playing Fields on Wyche Lane addressed the Parish Council to express concerns about the number of youths (30-40 one Friday evening) that are congregating post daylight hours and engaging in anti-social behaviour – bad language, smoking and possible drug taking. The incidents are being reported to the Police 101 service but have not been deemed a priority for Police attendance. Incidents have also been reported to the PCSO, Sharon Jones who has visited the residents but not at a time when the youths congregate. Cheshire East Council has also been contacted concerning intimidation of residents and the health issue of some of the rubbish being left behind. The Parish Council had also been contacted and would discuss ways of working together to solve the issue. The Borough Councillor suggested that if such a number of intimidating youths turned up again that the resident should call 999.

A resident from School Lane had previously e-mailed the Parish Council with regard to traffic speeding on School Lane and attended the meeting to hear the results of the autumn speed survey. The Borough Councillor reported that the results on the three areas surveyed in the village, i.e. Bunbury Lane, Vicarage Lane and School Lane showed that traffic speed on average was below the speed limit in all three areas. This gave no leverage to take further action at a Borough Council level. Discussion took place on where the survey was undertaken on School Lane as it was felt speeding occurs nearer the junction as further along the Lane traffic is calmed by parked cars. Signage including a flashing warning 30 mph sign, the potential for ‘sleeping policemen’ and the use of the Parish Council speed gun closer to the junction on School Lane were discussed.

Borough Councillor Report

Issues raised by the Borough Councillor:

  • Interviews are nearly complete for the new Chief Executive for Cheshire East Council and full Council on 20 February will vote for a new mayor.
  • Council Land Housing Supply as part of Local Plan has been re-assessed and demonstrates a seven-and-a-half-year supply well above the requirement of five years. This is good news for preventing speculative housing development.
  • A Brown Field land register is now compiled for Cheshire East area to encourage more use of such sites for development.
  • Site Allocations and Development Policy document which forms part of the continuing Local Plan work has completed its consultation phase with 2,700 responses. These will be worked through. Potential ratification of the process could be during summer 2020.
  • Cheshire East Council has secured £430,000 Government funding for homelessness and prevention work, including supporting offenders released from prison.
  • Cheshire East launched Nominated Neighbour Scheme to support and look after vulnerable neighbours. A Parish Councillor also pointed out that the British Legion has two posts to keep in touch with lonely and vulnerable residents in Bunbury.
  • Two new grant schemes from Cheshire East Council – ‘Bright Ideas’, fund of £250 for an individual to drive an idea forward and ‘Our Bright Idea’, fund for organisations with appropriate governance in place.

Parish Councillor Reports

A Parish Councillor had heard from a resident of Saddlers Wells about the use of the unmade path/road by school traffic explaining that this was not a public road. The Borough Councillor agreed to make enquiries about erecting a ‘Private’ sign on the unadopted road.


A second Parish Councillor reported that she had attended the quarterly Police Cluster meeting where no crimes were reported for the autumn period for Bunbury. Speed camera data was also shared. A new Rural Crime Team has been established and the Parish Council wondered if this could assist with anti-social behaviour around the playground area. It was also suggested that the PCSO visit local secondary schools to discuss the issue.

The request to turn a number of stiles into kissing gates on a couple of the village footpaths was discussed again after the failure to gain permission from the land owners. The Parish Council agreed to write to the Walking for Health Club to explain the situation and the Borough Councillor agreed to contact one of the landowners again.

The removal of a fridge and freezer that had been fly tipped on the car park would cost £40 to remove. Other fly tipping had been reported down Birds Lane. The locks on the two black bins used by the Lengths Man had been damaged. It was suggested that the bins be placed into a cage and this would be discussed at the next Council meeting. A Salvation Army recycling bin will be placed in the car park shortly on a three-month trial.

Two trees were reported to have fallen in the recent windy conditions – an Oak with a Tree Preservation Order between Oak Gardens and Wakes Meadow and one along Vicarage Lane.

Planning Matters

Brantwood, School Lane, Bunbury, 20/0251N, Listed Building Consent for demolition of outhouses to the rear and replacement with two-storey outrigger and Garden Room. Two public responses had supported the proposal and the Parish Council agreed not to object to the proposal, but pointed out that the guttering should be cast iron and not plastic, also there appeared to be a discrepancy in roof heights on the plans that need clarification.

The Old Post Office, Bunbury Lane, Bunbury, 20/0492N, change of use of an ancillary building to back of house retail. No objection to this application by the Co-Op to provide more storage space.

Decisions made by Cheshire East

19/0803N Decision: Withdrawn Decision Date: 23/01/2020. Location: Land adjacent to Wyche House, Wyche Lane (Outline permission for 7 houses).

19/5060N Decision: Withdrawn Decision Date: 13/01/2020. Location: Church Bank, Wyche Road. Proposal Listed Building Consent for new vehicular access on to the highway.

New Housing Developments in Bunbury

Strutt and Parker are still in discussions with the Council about the division of the affordable houses between the proposed sites by the Church and Bunbury Surgery. Drainage issues are still outstanding for the Oak Gardens site and building is unlikely to start this year.

Highways Issues

The use of the Parish Council speed gun was discussed which would result in police writing a warning letter to those found to be driving over the speed limit. The Parish Council agreed to put a plan together to undertake speeding surveillance in the future.

Seasonal Events

The Parish Council heard that the church would be celebrating its 700 years anniversary this year and discussed how it could contribute. It agreed to offer the playing fields and pavilion free of charge for any events.


VE day will be celebrated on Friday 8 May with a 3pm toast to veterans by the three village pubs as part of a community celebration. A church service will also take place over the weekend.

Bunbury Village Website

The Parish Council will be taking on the website from the previous volunteers and

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 9 January 2020

The Chairman is currently unwell, so the Vice-chairman will be chairing meetings for the time being.

Before the meeting proceeded, representatives from the Royal British Legion attended the meeting to mark the 26-year contribution of Councillor Nick Parker to the organisation of the annual Remembrance Sunday Commemoration. The Chair of the local British Legion made a presentation to Councillor Parker as a thank you for all his work over the years.

Borough Councillor Report

The Borough Councillor presented her report and received questions from parish councillors, as follows:

Cheshire East is to commence a kitchen waste collection service from 6 January 2020. All households will receive a caddy with biodegradable bags for the collection of the waste which can then be put in the green/brown garden waste bin. This will then be collected and taken to the new food processing plant at Leighton to be turned into compost. The service will only work for those residents who have a garden waste bin. The Ward Councillor suggested a Bunbury Ward visit to the Plant to understand the processes and end product to report back to residents.

The state of Brantwood was raised again and the Borough Councillor agreed to contact a family member of the owner for an update on the sale of the property.

The request to turn two stiles into kissing gates along two footpaths to aid wider access for walkers was raised as no progress had been made. This would be looked at again. In addition, progress would be checked on the painting of the ‘dropping off bay outside the school, including the cutting back of nearby tress; and the potential for a strip of land on school lane to be made into a footpath for families walking to school.

A resident had raised the issue of speeding along School Lane; the results of the Autumn speed survey in the village are awaited and would be reviewed when received. The Council heard that Cheshire West and Chester Council has adopted a policy of 20mph within all village locations, but that Cheshire East has not adopted this policy and given the closeness to the border of the two councils this maybe causing confusion.

The state of the local highways, particularly the number of potholes, road sweeping, and gully emptying was raised. With regard to potholes, people were advised to report them on the council website as this would raise t he council awareness of the most offending areas. The Borough Councillor agreed to check with Cheshire East Council with regard to frequency of road sweeping within the village.

Parish Councillor Reports

A Parish Councillor referred to social media feedback via the Bunbury Journal website concerning the erection of the P parking sign at the entrance to the playing fields. Whilst some of the comments were negative about the need for a sign, the majority were supportive of it encouraging people to use a car park and avoid parking on the village lanes.

A second Parish Councillor had been contacted by the PCSO for the village with regard to a complaint she had received from a resident about the anti-social behaviour by a number of youths in the play area late at night over the Christmas period. The PCSO had met with the resident and given her number should this continue to be a nuisance in the new year. It is hoped that a police surgery event could be held in the Pavilion soon so that residents can discuss issues occurring in the village direct with representatives from the Police.


Cheshire East Council has been running a survey for the public and Parish Councils to respond to a Community Governance Review. The Parish Council offered feedback to the question of Parish Councils being ‘effective and convenient Local Government? Feedback included the use of the adopted Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan as a framework for considering planning applications, public meetings as necessary, good contact with Police and an active full membership council. Another question referred to the interface between the Parish Council and Cheshire East Council – some members of the Parish Council felt that the pace of progress at the borough council sometimes reflected badly on the work of the Parish Council. Boundary issues was also a question and the Parish Council discussed the fact that the Yew Tree and nearby houses were actually in Spurstow although from a community point of view the Yew Tree is regarded as a village facility.

Decisions made by Cheshire East

19/3767N Decision: approved with conditions – 6 and land rear of 6, Bunbury Lane, Bunbury. Proposal Reserved Matters – Erection of 15 Dwellings

The Parish Council heard that several objections had been made to the application against the number of large houses being proposed (9 five bed homes). The Planning Officer explained that the Neighbourhood Plan only refers to a mix of houses and as there were smaller houses included in the overall figure of 15 there was no basis to refuse the application.

19/4983N Decision: approved with conditions – Brook View, Sadlers Wells, Bunbury – Single storey rear extension, single storey link and partial garage conversion with associated alterations.

Bunbury Neighbourhood Plan

Notification had been received from Cheshire East Council that modification to the Neighbourhood should be considered. This is a long-term process that would be considered over the next one to two years.


Mid-Cheshire Grounds Maintenance Company have written to the Parish Council offering to continue with the current grounds maintenance work for the village at the current price fixed for the next two years. The Parish Council agreed to accept the offer.

A request had been made for permission to sweep the playing field with a metal detector following the loss of a medal on the field. The Parish Council agreed but asked that if any significant digging was required Councillor Nick Parker be contacted in the first instance.


Good weather on Christmas Eve aided a good turn-out for carols round the Christmas tree and £307 was raised for Tarporley Hospital.

November Parish Council Notes 2019

Bunbury Parish Council Meeting – 13 November 2019

A member of the public thanked the Parish Council for the superb organisation of the bonfire and firework display on 5 November.

Policing Issues

The Chairman reported that the future policing for the village on Remembrance Sunday is under threat due to resourcing issues. The Chief Police Officer has given notice that this will be the last year but the Police Commissioner has stated that he is keen to see such police support continue.

The Parish Council had received a list of police surgeries for the area; all held outside the village with the nearest being at Calveley.


The wording for marking on the road outside the school to identify a bus/taxi bay is still under discussion at Cheshire East Council. The erection of the parking sign for the village is also still with Cheshire East Council.

Planning Matters

19/4983N Brook View, Sadlers Wells, Bunbury CW6 9NU

Single storey rear extension, single storey link and partial garage conversion with associated alterations – Proposal for the current large garage next to the house to have a 2-bedroom extension plus a garden room at the rear. The Parish Council noted that this is a proposed extension to a recently built house and questioned the conversion of a garage to accommodation. The Parish Council did not object to the proposal but agreed to draw the Planning Officer’s attention to a recently built separate garage being linked to the main house with the addition of 2 bedrooms.

Decisions made by Cheshire East

19/3985D 21/08/2019 South (CE) Delegated Agenda Bunbury

Refused Decision Date: 29/10/019

Land off, Oak Gardens, Bunbury

Proposal Discharge of conditions 6,7,9,12,13 &;14 of existing permission

16/2010N approved under appeal; Residential

Development of 15 dwellings with associated works at Land at Oak Gardens, Bunbury, CW6 9QN

The Parish Council heard that most conditions had now been met with the exception of Condition 14 – site levels to include a full site survey across site and adjoining gardens – still remains outstanding.

New Housing Development in Bunbury

Strutt and Parker had contacted the Parish Council to update them on the two approved housing developments at Vicarage Lane and Bowes Gate Road. They are currently in consultation with Cheshire East Council concerning their proposal to move all the social housing element from the Bowes Gate Road development to Vicarage Road with the potential for the whole development at Vicarage Road to be affordable housing. The Parish Council agreed to ask the Ward Councillor to obtain more information from the Planning Officer involved and report back.

Pedestrian Issues within the village

A proposal for a pavement on a current strip of land on School Lane is under consideration following the offer of the land by the owner. The Parish Council is still awaiting advice from Cheshire East Highways on the feasibility of constructing a pavement in that location.

Playing Fields Report

The recently repaired ceiling following a water leak was showing signs of further leakage and the builder would be contacted. The Wednesday Club has asked if it will be possible to site another bench near the Pavilion for elderly walkers to sit on. The Village Day Committee had agreed to fund the bench. The potential for the replacement of the Pavilion building in the long term was discussed and initial research work would be done, including costing and funding of other village buildings such as at Eaton/Cotebrook.

Brantwood, School Lane

The Borough Councillor had spoken to a family member of the owner of Brantwood in the centre of the village and been advised that the property had now been sold subject to contract. The person also undertook to contact Environmental Health to look at the pest infestation that had been reported.

Parish Councillor’s report

A Parish Councillor had been contacted about the development at Greenway, Wyche Road not complying with planning requirements concerning the erection of screened glass and had used plain glass instead. The Parish Clerk agreed to obtain the details and contact Cheshire East Planning to clarify the situation.

Large pot holes were reported outside the new Duchy development on Wyche Lane with the suggestion that the developer should re-instate the road. The Parish Council would contact the developers direct to raise the issue.

Cheshire East Council is undertaking a consultation on its proposed 4-year budget proposals – 2020-2024 and the Parish Council agreed to respond to the consultation.


An e-mail has been received about a drainage problem outside a house in Wyche Lane. The Ward Councillor was investigating the problem.

Bonfire Night

The successful Bonfire Night made an income after expenditure of £1,117.


The Christmas tree would be erected on 1 December. Crewe Brass band had confirmed that they would be attending the carols round the tree and an extra speaker was being purchased for the event.

Can the children of Bunbury Walk or Cycle to school?


Walking is our natural way to get around. We are made for walking and running. Using it to get to school is a step in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle. It’s also pollution free and doesn’t cause congestion. We hear all the time about how overweight1 our children are and how important it is they take more exercise. But do we make it easy for them to walk safely to school? As parents of the current generation of school children you were probably one of 70% who walked to school. Now it is less than 50% of children who enjoy the experience. And that has happened in one generation. Most (43%) children are driven to the school gates. The result is congestion, stress, air pollution and a lost opportunity.

The reality for many parents is that it’s a rush to get to school on time and on to work. The car makes this a lot easier to manage. But with that comes the loss of the opportunity to take some exercise that fits seamlessly into our day. Nonetheless, we need to encourage walking and cycling to school and try to remove barriers that discourage parents and children. So what are the reasons that people give for not walking and cycling around the village?

Safety usually comes top of the list. Young people aged between 11-15 are more likely to be killed or injured on the roads than any other group. In total that has meant that 69 children under 15 years of age were killed in 2016 (the latest year for data). That is about 0.0006%. Of course every death especially at this age is a terrible tragedy. The risk is very small. The data does show that ¾ of the accidents happen when children are going to and from school. Clearly the longer ‘tail’ after 16:00 hours represent children out and about, probably on their own for much of the time.


Safety is improved in our village if linked pavement routes are available. Roads without pavements deter many walkers. They were fine in a horse and cart age or when motorised traffic was rare and tended to be slower and noisier. Now that traffic is much more intense, faster and inclined to consider other (slower) road users as a hindrance. As a walker, I have also found that traffic is getting quieter and therefore more difficult to anticipate its approach while out of sight. I don’t think or at least hope its not because I’m getting hard of hearing! More electric cars will make this even worse. On narrow roads the little space some drivers give to other road users is anxiety inducing!

So how do children from Upper Bunbury get to school? They could walk down Wyche Road from the Church (having cut through the church yard for safety). Then either continue down Wyche Lane or in dry weather cut across the footpath to join the Lane again by the entrance to Jubilee fields. From here the route is more complex. No pavement continues to the school either down the right-hand or left-hand side of  triangle. So, if children make it this far their parents may consider it too risky for them to walk on their own and they may need to be accompanied. And that make’s the decision to drive the kids in the car to school much more likely.

We need to ensure those safe routes to and from school exist and link up so that any child and their parents can walk to school safely. This would mean:

1. Pavements along Wyche Lane – all the way on at least one side of the road.

2. Pavements on both sides of the triangle to minimise the need to keep crossing the road.

3. Pavements on both sides of School Lane to the school.

4. Pavement or protected zone for pedestrians to access the Co-op, butchers, Village Hall and Nags Head at the centre of the village.

This still leaves the walk from Upper Bunbury via the two routes – Wyche Road and Vicarage Lane unresolved. Wyche Road is very narrow. A standard width pavement would make it impassable for most traffic. Alternatives would be to make it ‘Access only’ with a speed restriction perhaps as low as of 10mph.

As for Vicarage Lane the best solution is a footpath just inside the hedge on the field side. This is would be a difficult option to achieve. Short to medium term the only solution is to make it safer with a speed restriction and calming infrastructure.

That brings us to the issue of speed restrictions. I believe, with evidence, that creating a reduced speed zone around the centre of the village would go a long way to making the village more walker and cycling friendly and safer. You will find additional comments on the topic of 20 mph in the other articles listed in this menu so I shall not repeat them here. But it is the combination of linked pavement routes, speed restriction (20 mph zones) and the possible use of protected zones, that will enable more to walk and cycle safely around the village.

1Over 30% of children in the National Y6 classroom are overweight or obese. And it gets worse as the years pass. (Local Government Association analysis of Public Health England May 2018)

Where are all the bins going?

Bin collection Lorry

Bin Collection Lorry

During the last two years the Council has replaced nearly 8,000 bins. This is in addition to the bins it supplies to new builds. The total is 10,000 a year. Apparently it feels this is just unsustainable. In total it costs the council £300,000 a year. So what is it proposing to do about this?

Firstly it will charge for the bins, new and replacements. About £30 per bin is the suggested charge with some discount for those in receipt of welfare benefits. If the council damages the bin it will replace it free of charge. If you demand a replacement bin but refuse to pay then you will not be given a bin!

Secondly all new bins will have the address of the resident embossed on it. An excellent idea that should reduce any confusion as to which household each bin belongs. Further it should deter bin thieves as long as the embossed address is on the body of the bin and not the lid, which can be replaced (so I am told).

Good news on Bus Services!

Bus services recommended for retention!

Thanks to all the efforts of those people who put in objections it looks as if the Bus routes (56 & 83)  will be retained. These bus services had the most objections to being scrapped. Given satisfactory bids to run the services the existing service s will be retained. The current level of service is not adequate but a least what little we have has been kept. Read More