Parish Council Notes 2021

Parish Council notes are NOT the formal minutes of the Meeting. these can be found on the official Parish Council website: Our notes, however are published a great deal quicker than the minutes. This page is ordered with the latest at the top. Scroll down to find previous meeting reports. Currently all PC meetings… Continue reading Parish Council Notes 2021

Planning for the Future

A White Paper on proposed changes to the planning system The White paper put out for consultation proposes a radical change to the planning system. That consultation ends on the 29 October 2020. First you can read the White Paper by clicking here However a summary of the 84 page pdf file may help. This… Continue reading Planning for the Future

Parish Council Monthly Update 2018

Please note that the agenda for each Parish Council can be viewed on the official PC website here  The minutes of each meeting are also available on the same web page. Our service is ‘unofficial’ but much quicker! From our Parish Council correspondent: Please note that each month the latest update will appear at the top of… Continue reading Parish Council Monthly Update 2018

New National Planning Policy Framework – first thoughts.

On the last day of the Parliamentary year – always a ‘good’ day for bad news – the government published the new National Planning Policy Framework. This is the set of rules that defines where houses are built, what type and how affordable. It sets the agenda for planners, Local Councils and developers. And most… Continue reading New National Planning Policy Framework – first thoughts.

Can the children of Bunbury Walk or Cycle to school?

  Walking is our natural way to get around. We are made for walking and running. Using it to get to school is a step in the right direction to a healthy lifestyle. It’s also pollution free and doesn’t cause congestion. We hear all the time about how overweight1 our children are and how important… Continue reading Can the children of Bunbury Walk or Cycle to school?