Congratulations to Chris Green who has been elected as the Councillor for the  Bunbury Ward.  The results are shown below:

Ward election results 2018

The turnout was a rather disappointing 33.4% but this is not untypical of Local Government  By-elections. A long established conservative held ward this is a difficult one to crack for any other party. The voting trends are however interesting.

Share of the vote:

2015                    2018

Conservative  70%                    56.2%

Lib/Dems        n/a                      29%

Labour            17.7%                  14.7%

Greens            12%                    5.1%

Clearly the Lib/Dems took votes away from all the other parties and became the second party in Bunbury Ward.

About the Author

Peter Gorman ()

Now retired from teaching. Involved in supporting the Village Day Committee, Village websites and Secretary of the Bunbury Action Group.