Bunbury By-election announced

On the 2nd of February Cheshire East declared a vacancy in the Bunbury ward. An election must now be held within 35 days. As many of you are aware Michael Jones is no-longer the ward councillor. For the last few months he has  worked as an independent councillor having previously  been elected as a Conservative. Behind legal speak of the CE notice, the reason for the vacancy is, to quote the Act referred to  ‘..by reason of failure to attend meetings of the authority‘ (Local Government Act 1972, Section 86 (1c)

The Local Political Parties are already gearing up for the election. Both the Lib-Dems and the Conservatives have been doing mail-drops and have candidates in the field. More about that when we have a full list. Meantime we can speculate that the odds are on a Conservative victory as it is the ‘safest’ ward in the authority. I’m not fond of ‘safe seats’ or ‘donkey’ seats as I rather rudely call them,  (stick the right coloured rosette on a donkey and people will vote for it!). Not a party political point just a dislike of knee jerk voting and the power this hands to small cabals of ‘politically motives individuals’ who pick the candidate.

The date of the election must be with 35 days or 25 day from the date of this post. That would take us to the end of March and run into Easter. An earlier date would be about the 22nd of March.

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  1. The election is now confirmed for the 22nd March. Details on the Parish Council Notice-board and website. If you have not do so already you need to register to vote by the 7th March.

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