Thoughts on the Pandemic

I will list the topics at the top of page and you can then scroll down to find the topic you’re interested in. 1. Do masks help? 2. How we measure risk: Do masks help? Cultural differences are always interesting, and I’m defining culture as ‘the way we do things around here’. One such difference… Continue reading Thoughts on the Pandemic

Oak Gardens Development

Yes another update on oak Gardens! When will it end. Having been refused on several reserved matters , Crabtree are back in double quick time with a new applications (19/5534N and 19/5489D). What Crabtree has now created is four 1 bedroomed apartments. These replace the two two bedroomed semi-detached properties as shown on this site… Continue reading Oak Gardens Development

New Housing site identified for development.

Update Jan 2020 – application withdrawn. Update September 30th 2019 No progress on this development. While only a small site of 7 proposed dwellings, it has provoked a considerable number of objections. The original decision date has moved away the last being in July although the date for last comments was August. Odd. Nonetheless we… Continue reading New Housing site identified for development.

The Phasing of Housing in Bunbury

In a discussion on a recent application (19/0803N) to build 7 more houses on a greenfield site in Wyche Lane, the issue of phasing arose. It was not then seen as a major issue but I think it deserves greater prominence. Our Neighbourhood Plan was ‘made’; ,as the silly phrase goes, in March 2016. It… Continue reading The Phasing of Housing in Bunbury

Pressure grows for better provision for pedestrians

The last few Parish Council meetings have witnessed some strong words over the lack of proper provision for pedestrians in Bunbury. The last meeting in February (2019) saw a large (for PC meetings) number of residents attending along with the Head of the Primary School in Bunbury. Their complaint was that it was difficult and… Continue reading Pressure grows for better provision for pedestrians

Parish Council Monthly Update 2018

Please note that the agenda for each Parish Council can be viewed on the official PC website here  The minutes of each meeting are also available on the same web page. Our service is ‘unofficial’ but much quicker! From our Parish Council correspondent: Please note that each month the latest update will appear at the top of… Continue reading Parish Council Monthly Update 2018