Big Garden Birdwatch 2018

Many of you will have contributed to this annual survey. Here are the results for England. Results for other areas can be found here   [embeddoc url=”” download=”all” viewer=”google“]

Muir Land off Wyche Lane

The acquisition of this plot is going ahead. The plan appears to be to turn it into a woodland with some fruit trees included. The PC has the advantage of some expert advice and will be getting a report shortly on the best choices to be made.

Many a slip from Outline to Completion

Is outline planning consent a gateway round the more detailed full consent that enables developers to ‘sneak in’ features that would be objectionable if declared at the start? Often, as you can see along the A51 through Alphraham and next to the Medical Centre in Bunbury, outline planning consent is a prelude to the sale… Continue reading Many a slip from Outline to Completion

Autumn Worries

The Horse Chesnuts are already producing an abundant crop of nuts. You will have seen the leaves beginning to turn, and in some cases with well-developed Autumn colours. Or have they? We have heard much of the diseases attacking our trees. The Ash Dieback has been in the news lately, but a number of tree… Continue reading Autumn Worries