Mayfield Garden development Bunbury Heath

[wpgmza id=”8″]   17/5696N Full Application. Located at the junction of Moss Lane and the A49 The scheme proposes two, five bedroom detached dwellings with gardens, separate double garages and landscaping on a 0.2 hectare plot. The properties are situated within the centre of the plot, set back from Whitchurch Road by approximately 11.2m and… Continue reading Mayfield Garden development Bunbury Heath

Brantwood Application

The eyesore in the centre of the village looks as if it to get some attention at last. The old village ‘lockup’ has sat neglected for some years. The 2011 application was refused.  A further revision was made and submitted in 2013 but refused by Cheshire East. In January 2017 the owner was contacted by… Continue reading Brantwood Application